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 “Good game Bryan,” the coach said, patting his star player on the shoulder. Bryan smirked. Like it was hard, he was the best basketball player in the region. He casually spun the basketball on a single finger, the ball still sweaty from the match.
He tossed the ball over his shoulder to his coach as he left, barely saying a thanks for the compliment as he slung his bag upon his back. The year was nearly over, graduation was coming up, and he had already accepted a full-ride scholarship for his prodigious basketball talents to go to his dream university halfway across the country. Things were looking up for Bryan, and par for the course things were getting even better!
“Hey there, I saw you playing,” the tall, extremely famous comedian said, greeting Bryan in the hall, “Yeah, I was just watching the game, big game, rivalry game and all. I was thinking I could get into basketball too, I’m pretty good.” Bryan could scarcely believe his luck,
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Royal robes: Lord Shen TF/MC/Twinning
The sun brightly shined above Ted as he walked down the bustling city street. The noises of cars and people talking kept the city just as alive as the day itself was. Ted looked down at a small yellow pamphlet that he found stuck in his car's window wiper. It read "Come to the Pawn Shop off 7th Wilson Avenue downtown. We got everything from old, valuable relics to the newest types of gadgets. Who knows...maybe you'll find something that just might change your world". Ted was always interested in more Eastern Style decor and these types of stores were normally cram packed with interesting objects. He soon found himself standing in front of the store, the window's reflecting brightly as Ted entered the store; a small bell ring going off as the strong smell of incense fills his nose. The shop is filled with eastern style decor of all kinds, from majestic carpets to beautiful jade statues. The strong scent of incense seems to fill the place. Ted continued around the store. Despite it's bra
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Cam Collab 1 :iconcameroo:Cameroo 22 0 Comission: Latex Cynder TF suit :iconavianine:Avianine 55 4 Going Wilde :icon3waycrash:3waycrash 132 13
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Crossing Over :icononatart:ONATaRT 638 16
Minerva Mink TG TF
There truly wasn't a better way to spend a day than to ride around off-road on ATVs in the deep woods. That was exactly what my three friends and I were up to on a perfect Saturday afternoon. Temperatures were in the 70s, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. After a couple hours of trekking across the forest terrain, we all reconvened at a bare spot to take a break to eat.
As we all took off our helmets and other gear we had on, Max, one of my friends, didn't hesitate to express his excitement. "I'm telling you Seth, we need to do this more often!"
"True that. Hey Logan, toss us some food." I turned to face him.
He scoffed as he dug out our lunch from the bag. The four of us all brought sandwiches and some water, along with other snacks. As we began to eat, the fourth member of our group, Paul, spoke up.
"I heard of an open area where we can catch some high speed and sick drifts. I say we check it out." he mentioned.
"That sounds good to me." Logan responded.
"You guys can, but I think
:iconbraverunner:braverunner 59 9
Wilde Ties [Nick Wilde TF/MC]
Written By Everlust

Never let them see they get to you.

You were shopping at a disney shop, looking for clothes that belong to the furry con artist. However to no avail you couldn't fi---
"Can I help you?"
You spun around, in reaction to the familiar voice.
"Nick!" You gasped. Eyes widened as you looked down at the handsome fox, him smirking at you, in a mixture of cartoonish-real life proportions. It was almost too real. It was almost

"I think you are looking for this."
He held up an identical stripped tie to his.
"Now all that's left to do is to try it~."
Nick pushes you forcibly to the changing room, back on the wall as he slips on the necktie over your neck. Dark indigo with red and blue stripes, as it hangs lazily over your neck. Eyes on the charming fox. <
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Dont Worry 'bout it
United States
U.S Army Veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division now College Student and part time security :d

Lets see, I love art, movie's and pretty much game all the time. You'll find a lot more art on my FA profile listed on my website :D
I also RP occasionally with Tf material so if you're someone who isn't a one sentence RP'r, feel free to hit me up :D

Also, if I happen to not tag any artists that did a piece for me who happen to be on FA, my bad :d
Well, for the past few years I've made an account and life over in the Furry community with three characters and a Partial Suit in the works from Clockwork Creature of one of my characters. I've honestly avoided uploading a lot of the art to deviant art for reasons, some of them me just being lazy :d, but in the course of tomorrow, you will probably see me a lot more active on here uploading Arts and stuff I get done on FA. It will be a lot
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